Q: Is there a cost for speakers to register for Netroots Nation?
A: Yes. There will be a deeply discounted registration cost for panelists, trainers and speakers. The speaker rate is just $125 for the entire conference (less than the cost of a day pass). We will be offering panel organizers a limited pool of scholarships based on need. We’ll provide more information about that process after panels have been accepted. But if you’re communicating with potential panelists before you submit you should be sure to mention this new policy. If you have more questions about this policy, email us at
Q: What are all the different kinds of content I can submit?
A: Netroots Nation accepts submissions for several kinds of sessions: Panels, Trainings, This Week in Blackness Programs, Music Track, and Screening Series Sessions (films/video). 
Q: What if I want to submit a film for the Screening Series?
A: Click here to submit a film for consideration.
Q: What if I’m the organizer and the moderator?
A: That’s fine. There is a place to indicate that on the submission form.
Q: How important is spelling, grammar and punctuation in my submission?
A: It’s important. Reviewers read lots of submissions and glaze over when things are hard to understand because of bad grammar and punctuation. Don’t fall victim to it. Also be aware of cutting and pasting errors.
Q: Will all this information I submit be released publicly?
A: No, it’s just for our reviewers to read or so we can get in contact with you. If your session is selected, we may post your session title and description, but there will be a chance to revise/update before the conference.
Q: How long is a session?
A: Each session is 75 minutes. You should allow time for Q&A within that time block.
Q: When will my session take place?
A: The panel will be scheduled for Thursday, Friday or Saturday, July 16, 17 or 18. Let us know if you have specific scheduling needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate. The sooner we’re aware of scheduling concentrations after accepting panels, the more likely we can accommodate.
Q: Does Netroots Nation pay for air travel or hotel accommodation?
A: No. Speakers are asked to cover the cost of their travel and hotel. A limited number of general scholarships are available to Netroots Nation. Information about the scholarship program will be released in spring 2015.
Q: What if I want more than four panelists and a moderator?
A: We generally discourage this practice. We’ve found there is not enough time for everyone to speak AND involve the audience if there are more than five people on stage. 
Q: When should I expect to hear back on my submission?
A: You’ll find out in early March if your panel has made it to the final round and late March if your panel has been selected for NN15. View the timeline here.
Q: How are panels selected?
A: Panels will be divided into generally similar categories and each group will be reviewed by a committee of experts. Those committees will recommend several of the best from each category to a final committee, which will make final decisions. You can find more information about our process here.
Q: Can I suggest myself or another person to speak on another panel?
A: Unfortunately, the only way you can submit a speaker is to include them on a panel, screening series, or training session submission. You can always email us at the address below and we’ll take it under consideration.

Have a question that’s not covered here? Email us at panelsNN15 at

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